"A View from the Trenches": A Manual for Wardens by Wardens

Sharon Johnson Rion
First Edition Editor
Pam Withrow
Second Edition Editor

“NAAWS has always prided itself for it's excellent training, whether through training conferences, scheduled training, peer training, training materials, or networking. Several years ago a group of NAAWS members got together and created a training manual for Wardens by Wardens; "A View From The Trenches." This is a book of articles written by Wardens from their own experiences to share with other Wardens.

There has been a second edition and now it is time for a third. Susan Jones, a retired Colorado Warden, has graciously volunteered to coordinate this project. Some of you have already written articles and others have already agreed to contribute articles. Now is the time. Wardens who wish to contribute to the next edition should contact Susan. Articles do not have to be long and you can see past titles on our below.

All articles should be submitted by June 3, 2019, which is the start of annual training conference (link to conference page). Please take some time and share your experiences so that others can learn from them.

If you have questions please reach out to Susan or myself." — Mel Williams

Sections Include:

Innovation is Not an Ugly Word Technology: Staying Ahead of the Curve
Ethics, Values, and Vision Strategic Planning
Understanding the Big Picture Managing a Changing Environment
Managing a Mission Change Quality Assurance
Warden as CEO Implementing Adverse Policy and/or Legislation
Labor/Management Succession Planning
External Environment
Political Realities Public Education
Community Relations External Influences on Corrections
Partnerships with other Agencies, Interest Groups, Community Organizations and Public Officials
Internal Environment
Staff Morale and Motivation Staff Retention Strategies
Staff/Inmate Relations Managing Contract Services
Internal Investigations Security Threat Groups
Developing and Maintaining a Positive Culture Challenges of Special Mission Facilities
Matching Technology with Resources and Need Special Management Populations
Importance of the Physical Plant Preventive Maintenance
Security is Everyone's Business and Priority Meaningful Inmate Program and Work Assignments
Staff Training and Development
Developing Staff Stability 21st Century Workforce Issues
Professional Organizations as Resource Sexual Harassment
Sexual Misconduct Legal Liabilities
Staff Diversity Staff Equality
Organizational Career Paths Combating Complacency
Mentoring Staff Discipline
Developing Line Supervisors
Planning for Emergencies
Emergency Preparedness Needs and Goals of Outside Agencies
Mutual Aid Agreements/Plans Rapid Response Strategies
Proactive, Not Reactive Models
Practical Advice
Wellness Networking
Stress Management Balancing Work and Family
Survival Skills

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